The Entrepreneur’s Garden

TEGlogoOur mission is to cultivate personal and professional growth through global learning, earning and giving initiatives. The Entrepreneurs’ Garden (TEG) provides multimedia products and consulting to nurture your dreams and ecommerce advancement from the seed of thought to the harvest of attainment.

TEG specializes in educational programs that cultivate awareness, creativity, and action with increasing skill proficiency and sharing to elevate you to new heights in your life. TEG provides three teaching platforms for learning, living and free enterprise:

  1. TEG Press publishes materials on health, life and ecommerce. Our Cultivation Courses enhance your personal and professional growth.
  2. TEG Cultivation Clinics are programs delivered in group environments, private acceleration sessions, and online.
  3. TEG Networks uses eCommerce Cultivation Tools to enhance Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Internet Marketing platforms.

TEG Courses teach teens and baby boomers skills to plant and cultivate a small business “cash crop” to increase personal cash flow.  Courses, books, video and audio teach you to create a product, write your first business plan, market on and off line, develop a sales funnel, improve your health, “become your best you” and so much more.

TEG Programs combine the courses with various levels of coaching to cultivate strategies for reflection, clarity, effective decision making and self-assessment of your leadership, communication, and people management skills.

TEG Tools support the alignment of your mind, body and emotional health choices toward peak performance. “Caring for yourself best prepares you to offer your greatest value and giving to others.” ~ Lydia Harris, Founder



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