Happiness Is an Option: Choose It

TEGlogoIf we’re so smart, why aren’t we happy? For one thing, a lot of us don’t really believe it’s possible. But the secret is – happiness is a choice, just as unhappiness is a choice.

You don’t believe me? You probably have lots of reasons not to. You may have faced external circumstances that challenged you and even threatened your survival. You may have internal demons that challenge your relationships or career or friendships or your own peace of mind. You may be full of confusion and doubts and can’t see your way to being happy until you have answers for these things.

Many of us accept the fact that unhappiness is a natural state for us. We accept it, and fight like brave soldiers to survive in spite of it. We trained ourselves to be unhappy through thousands and thousands of negative responses. We can train ourselves to be happy by choosing, time after time, the response that will give us happiness.

In the past we responded with anger, impatience, jealousy, and fear, but each time we choose peace, acceptance, forgiveness, and love, we are telling ourselves that this is an option. Remember the old question,” Which would you rather be, happy or right?” Well, this choice comes down to “Would you rather dwell on being right and be unhappy, or would you rather dwell on having a response that makes you happy.” “Right” is subjective. It doesn’t make you wrong or weak to choose being happy; it makes you smart.



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