Be Healthy to Be Happy

Your attitude can go a long way toward making you happy. How conscientious you are about checking your attitude to make sure that you’re telling yourself the truth and confronting your negativity will make a big difference to your happiness. But I think you have to agree that without good health, it’s impossible to maintain peak happiness.

Take a look at this list and pick out something to do that will help you improve your health and maintain it.

  1. Exercise – did you know that people who exercise regularly live about 5 to 7 years longer than inactive people? Try to get about 30 minutes of exercise on most days.
  1. Watch Your Weight – obesity is linked to heart disease, type II diabetes, several other health conditions, and reduced life expectancy. Find out what your ideal weight is and find a plan to help you get there. It’s easier than ever these days because we all have more options. Do it.
  1. Stop smoking – people who smoke die about 10 years earlier than if they had never smoked, BUT if you stop smoking, you can get most of those years back.
  1. Get enough sleep – get the amount of sleep that is right for you. Doctors generally recommend around seven hours per night. It helps to repair your body and regenerate you overall.
  1. Eat smart – it easier than ever these days to eat healthfully because we have a lot of choices. To make it simple, try to build your diet around vegetables and fruits, lean sources of protein, and complex carbohydrates. If you take the time to learn a little bit about good nutrition and food choices, you’ll find that there’s enough out there to choose from so that you can be healthy and not feel deprived.
  1. Floss – you might not know how important this is, and not just for your teeth. Flossing removes bacteria that could otherwise cause inflammation in your gums. This inflammation activates your body’s inflammatory response; this in turn raises your blood pressure and puts you at risk for heart disease and stroke. It can also damage brain tissue. Studies are showing that inflammation is at the core of much disease today; flossing is an easy way to guard your body against inflammation.
  1. Socialize – people with a strong social network of family and friends live longer than those who are not connected to others. Connection is an antidote for stress.
  1. Get a check up – you will live a longer, healthier life if potential problems like diabetes or heart disease are caught early.

These are minimal things you can do to stay happy and healthy. Consider them. They take a little work, but there’s a great payoff.



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